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CD16 Jul 2012Manir DonaghueSeleneThis is Manir's second album and long-awaited follow-up to Reflections.

Selene is an album of much more light and shade than its predecessor with longer pieces (especially the 23-minute long title track!) which demonstrate Manir's compositional talent hinted at on Reflections.

As with Reflections, Selene is an instrumental album with everything you'd expect from a Manir Donaghue record.
CD20 Jul 2009Jim FaupelReinventing the WheelThis is Jim's second solo album - an intimate, back-to-basics record in the rural blues/folk tradition, with all the husk and bark left on.

No fake finesse here, just stumbling grace and ragged beauty.

Includes 8-page booklet with lyrics.
CD06 Apr 2009Manir DonaghueReflectionsReflections is the first album of instrumental pieces from Manir Donaghue.

It is a collection of pieces of music for guitar, keyboard and flute, featuring performances from Tony Patterson, and Mark Rae (Sanctuary Rig).

"Creating beautiful sounds in an often ugly and angry world."
2CD14 Jul 2008Sanctuary RigKhnosti This is Sanctuary Rig's first full album.

In fact, it's a double CD with over 90 minutes of music!

Includes 16-page booklet with lyrics.
CD22 Nov 2005Sanctuary RigSail On This four-track mini-LP is Sanctuary Rig's debut release.

At almost 30 minutes, it's as long as some full albums!

Includes 4-page booklet with lyrics.
CD14 Jun 2003Jim FaupelHere be DragonsThis is Jim's debut solo album, incorporating elements of folk, jazz and world music.

It has already become a pagan standard.

Includes 8-page booklet with lyrics.