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Sanctuary Rig

Jim Faupel
Rig Records is an independent record label based in North London, UK. Visit the site often to discover more about Rig Records artists.

July 2012
Manir Donaghue releases Selene
July 2009
Jim Faupel releases Reinventing the Wheel
April 2009
Manir Donaghue releases Reflections
September 2008
The Hobbits of Olaf sign to Rig Records
August 2008
Manir Donaghue signs to Rig Records
August 2008
Jim Faupel signs to Rig Records
July 2008
Sanctuary Rig release Khnosti
November 2005
Sanctuary Rig release Sail On
June 2005
Sanctuary Rig sign to Rig Records
Manir Donaghue