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Jim Faupel   Jim Faupel is a hugely talented songwriter, vocalist and guitarist.

He is widely respected and admired in the European druidic and bardic community, and released his debut solo album Here Be Dragons (on Stop the World Records) in 2003. The album is available for purchase here.

But Jim can also rock out with the best of them! In addition to his solo work, he is also the front-man for Rig Records classic rock artist Sanctuary Rig as well as portraying Rick Parfitt in Staid As Quo, the UK's foremost Status Quo tribute band.

Website - iTunes

Releases on Rig Records

Reinventing the Wheel   Reinventing the Wheel is an intimate, back-to-basics record in the rural blues/folk tradition, with all the husk and bark left on. No fake finesse here, just stumbling grace and ragged beauty. The album was released on Rig Records on 20th July 2009.

Reinventing the Wheel is a true solo effort. Jim has written all the songs and performs all of the vocals and backing vocals as well as playing all of the instruments, with the exception of the piano on the last track which is played by his Sanctuary Rig bandmate Mark Rae.

The album is available for purchase here.